Shape and enable the sustainability transformation of brand & retail spaces.

We are here to create a world where companies and brands act intentionally and respect the planet, without compromising on excellence, aesthetics, or quality. With Green Gen®, we enable the holistic transformation of brand and retail experiences with our high-end sustainability solutions for spaces, campaigns, and events.

Meaningful solutions

See how we create short-term retail campaigns, events and brand spaces that respect the planet.

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Empowering services

It’s all about using granular data insights to create brand and retail spaces.

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Sustainability is the new Identity:our integrated approach

& Zeitgeist
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Data Integrity

High degree of
data transparency

High degree of granularity

Aesthetics & Zeitgeist

Cutting-edge design
& aesthetics

Maintain brand impact and
individual brand identity

Always on the pulse of time

Execution Excellence

Huge material database

Highest production & quality standards

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