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Green Space Cycle

Showstopping and sustainable booth design

For the launch of its GreenGen portfolio of sustainability solutions at EuroShop 2023, LIGANOVA created a sustainable, modular booth system. It expresses Liganova’s brand DNA in the best possible way, and brings together the most important aspects of a sustainable physical appearance.

Based on data and mindful decisions regarding design and logistics, this booth reduced the agency’s footprint by about 31% compared to the average conventional booth design.

“Sustainability is the new Idendity. Change Retail for Good!”

GREEN GEN | Euroshop | Projects | Green Space Cycle

Sustainability transformation steps

  • All construction elements are space-saving and can therefore be transported in a small ‘van. This reduces transportation emissions, the biggest CO2 driver.
  • All materials used are recycled and circular, and can be fully returned to the material cycle for a lower CO2 material footprint.
  • Interchangeable 3D prints made of sustainable material, as well as digital elements that can be replayed each time the booth is used to create attention-grabbing storytelling.
  • The modular booth design adapts to different stand set-ups, meaning it can be re-used multiple times.