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Bringing coffee to the world - sustainably.

We helped our long-term client Nespresso make their entire retail marketing activities more sustainable with our unique combination of data, consulting, and concrete operational optimizations.

Coffee has never tasted so good!

GREEN GEN | Nespresso | Strategy Consultancy | Steps

Sustainability transformation steps

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions generated by Nespresso’s retail campaigns with a long-term retail marketing strategy
  • Analysis of the CO2 impact of key decisions along the value cycle
  • Comparison of materials and prototype possibilities for data-backed decision making
  • Optimized prototype construction to allow for CO2-reduced and more sustainable shipping
  • Development of a common understanding for sustainability among key stakeholders

Next up in our collaboration

  • Sustainability trends and best practices workshops, to educate and inspire
  • Implementation of a long-term material strategy
  • Improvement of overall campaign circularity
GREEN GEN | Nespresso | Strategy Consultancy | Collaboration