Green Gen® Calculator


Make informed decisions to advance sustainable transformation - data-backed and brand-centered.

One of the biggest challenges in sustainable transformation is the inability to make data-based decisions, due to a lack of seamless digital tools.

Our Green Gen® Calculator is a Experience CO2 calculation software that can be used to determine all the emissions related to store campaigns, store design, exhibitions, or events. This holistic software analyzes all relevant project components with a high degree of transparency and granularity.

Your benefits


Action-based calculation

  • Highly granular emissions data
  • Tracking of the biggest emission drivers

A holistic single source of truth

  • Overview of all retail marketing activities and their CO2 emissions
  • Consolidation of all CO2 emissions along the value chain
  • Ability to break down emission factors to specific criteria

Optimized management and reporting

  • Compliance with corporate regulations and GHG protocol
  • Customizable reportings
  • Integration of relevant supplier data

Easy usability

  • Intuitive and customizable user dashboards
  • Efficient communication and collaboration with all suppliers
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Supplier management

  • Collection and tracking of supplier emissions data
  • Efficient management of all supplier-related emissions
  • Transformation of unstructured data into detailed, standardized CO2 emissions

“Benefit from the partnership between LIGANOVA and Code Gaia, which brings together world-leading expertise in retail and CO2 data”

Torsten Dietz, Managing Director LIGANOVA

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