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Every company, brand and project is at a different stage in its sustainable transformation journey.

Sustainability is a strategic priority for companies. However, the transfer of corporate sustainability goals to retail can often feel like an insurmountable challenge. At LIGANOVA, our brand and retail expertise means we are uniquely positioned to support your transition to more sustainable retail operations.

Our Green Strategy Consultancy will develop a strategy and implement an action plan for the holistic, sustainable transformation of your brand and retail spaces, driven by data and meeting clearly defined emission reduction goals.

Our consultancy offer includes:

GREEN GEN | Strategy Consultancy | Consultancy Offer
  • Market research: analysis of market demand and development
  • Strategy development & implementation: assessment of the status quo and creation of action plans
  • Creative direction: development and implementation of design solutions, selection of materials, technical engineering and prototyping
  • Task forces: creation of task forces to tackle shared challenges, with a project environment and platform that ensures results
  • Strategic partnerships: sourcing and identification of the best possible partners to support you in achieving your goals
  • Sustainability communication and change management
GREEN GEN | Strategy Consultancy | Consultancy Offer

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