Circularity Implementation

We create and execute your project with the value cycle in mind.

We quantify the environmental impact of every decision, to embed sustainability in all phases of the value cycle. The result: an optimized carbon footprint for every project.

Our value cycle

About 80% of the carbon footprint is determined during the design and engineering process

We help you master this stage:

  • Application of eco-design principles
  • Challenging and rethinking the status quo
  • Extensive database of cutting-edge sustainable materials
  • Collaborations with forward-thinking design and material partners
GREEN GEN | Circularity Implementation | Serices | Design
GREEN GEN | Circularity Implementation | Serices | Production

Prototypes and serial production with a reduced environmental impact

We optimize this stage for our clients:

  • Vertically-integrated production in Germany and the US
  • Green-energy fuelled, modern and highly efficient machine park
  • International supplier network
  • Circular waste management
  • Adherence to accredited standards
  • Centralized sourcing team running a sophisticated supply chain sustainability program

Transportation with a minimal carbon footprint?

We have taken care of this for you:

  • Partnerships with trailblazing sustainability champions to dramatically reduce carbon footprint by optimizing shipping routes
  • Use of packaging materials from FSC-certified regrowing resources, and ongoing research of additional plastic-free solutions
  • Implementation of a highly digitalized and efficient software-driven logistics process
  • Offsetting of remaining CO2 emissions with trusted and accredited partners
GREEN GEN | Circularity Implementation | Serices | Rollout
GREEN GEN | Circularity Implementation | Serives | End of Life

Everything must go somewhere.

How can we feed products and materials back into the value cycle?

  • Centralized and localized circular solutions that upcycle and repurpose materials
  • Disposal and recycling guidelines

Where in the value cycle can you optimize?

Let's find out - together!

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