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Take a sustainable approach to best-in-class events and experiences

Retailers are actively seeking sustainable solutions. Increasing regulation aims to reduce emissions originating from buildings and interiors, while ever-more conscious consumers base their buying decisions on a brand’s sustainability actions.

Events bring people together and forge unique connections between a brand and its consumers. At LIGANOVA, we believe in the magic of live events. We trust in the power of bringing people and brands together, creating unforgettable experiences and building communities.

Responding to the demand for sustainable events, Green Event Cycle is a set of tools and measures along the value chain that enable you to reduce an event’s CO2 footprint, manage costs, and ultimately deliver an outstanding social, inclusive and sustainable live experience.

Our roadmap to sustainable events

We work in accordance with the Net Zero Carbon Event roadmap to sustainable events, drawing on research and data to determine which elements generate the most CO2.

To maximize the impact of each project, we consider five categories:

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Travel is the biggest driver of carbon emissions for most events. We know how to reduce travel emissions while keeping the journey to and from events engaging.


An energy-efficient venue running on renewable energy is the way to go. We now how to locate and assess sustainable venues.

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GREEN GEN | Green Event Cycle | Solutions | Hospitality


Identifying and evaluating carbon conscious hotels and sourcing regional, seasonal and plant-based catering is key to being an environmentally friendly host.


Executing the project by using sustainable materials, production technologies and transportation is our daily business. We love creating exceptional sustainability experiences through programming, storytelling and space design.

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Social sustainability makes our heart beat faster. Being inclusive and celebrating diversity is what we stand for. Accessibility? A diverse speaker line-up? Local community activation? You name it. We cover it.

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