Green Space Cycle


Creating exceptional brand spaces where aesthetics and sustainability meet

Retailers are actively seeking sustainable solutions. Increasing regulation aims to reduce emissions originating from buildings and interiors, while ever-more conscious consumers base their buying decisions on a brand’s sustainability actions.

Brand spaces are, and will remain, the key interface between the brand and the consumer. In this new world, every aspect of a brand space must become sustainable.

With Green Space Cycle, LIGANOVA creates outstanding sustainable and inclusive spaces with a reduced CO2 footprint while ensuring profitability. Our tools and measures are based on the DGNB System (considering ecology, economy and sociocultural issues), and optimize the entire value chain.

Our approach to sustainable brand space design

For maximum impact, we focus on four fields of action.


1. We work according to the circular design principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation: design less, design for long-term value, design efficiently, and design with the right materials.

2. We generate outstanding experiences by utilizing a set of dimensions we identified to embed sustainability in space design. Each dimension is designed to generate an experience to remember while also showcasing the sustainability values and efforts of a brand.


3. We draw on data solutions to aid sustainable decision making. We pair CO2 insights with financial figures, to make data-driven sustainability decisions that keep an eye on costs.

4. We work with a vast international network of suppliers and partners that meet our high sustainability standards and create outstanding results.


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